In no particular order...I am a dad, husband, tech enthusiast, avid reader, and self-confessed geek. Also, for my sins, I am a corporate solicitor (or lawyer as they say in most parts of the world). This last aspect of my life takes up an inordinate part of my time; encroaching on my days, nights, weekends, holidays, sick days, and even once upon a time, my paternity leave.  It is all-encompassing, relentless, and not as financially rewarding as many of my friends, family, or viewers of Suits might imagine. 


As a first time blogger, I don't have a set plan for the scope or direction of this blog. It will nominally have a bent towards some aspects of law and being a lawyer. It will also cover some of my other passions, frustrations, anecdotes, life learnings, and further musings. 

As a disclaimer, this blog will provide a fairly sardonic behind the scenes glimpse into the real world of corporate law. This will be done on an anonymized basis. Any resemblance to actual institutions, companies, individuals, jurisdictions, or people is purely coincidental and is not to be taken literally.